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#IGot Jokes 😂 Forever bickering about our Slim vs Thick issues 😩🤣 So make sure y'all tune in tonight…you won't be sorry!

😜🙈 @wagsmiami @eentertainment @ash3nicole #Thelma And Louise 👯#IEat Ribs And They Just Disappear 😤 #Likely To Slap ABish 🤚🏽#Where Dis Leaf At 🍁🤷🏽‍♀️ #Dee And Ash ❤️ A post shared by Darnell Nicole (@darnellnicole) on What’s it like always filming in Miami, where you are always in a swimsuit or little dress?

So that’s what really upset me because even though I don’t really mess with Claudia like that, I don’t want anyone around me who I feel will share whatever they hear when they are near me. I was really at the pool that day, I was really going to go in a lot heavier, but she’s so — like a little, she’s a sweetheart. I love the experience because the world gets to see how silly we really are and how most of our conversations are about food.Every situation is different and if you’re going off your connection with a person and what he’s feeding you, it’s hard not to believe whenever you are in love that he is a completely different person when he walks out of the house.Not just that but a lot of my friends that I met, from the dolphins organization, most of them were together in high school. Please allow me to share my gratitude to everyone that was a part of my entire wedding celebration. We’ve sat and had sessions and listened to uh, uh, uh music and drinks and we had a lot of fun. The pied piper took to his Twitter account to clear up the rumors: Hit the flip to peep what R. And then I got drunk and I don’t know what happened after that…I woke up and they told me that I had a very good time.

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