Event viewer not updating

In general, this means that the local system will have full access to these objects and that an interactively logged-on user will have read access to the window station object and full access to the application desktop object.Winlogon has special hooks into the User32 server that allow it to monitor Control-Alt-Delete secure attention sequence (SAS) events.

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In this way, the processes of the user can use the special registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER.I for one have only my security software as a startup, having disabled most others. See this post if you frequently receive 100% Disk Usage message. If none of this helps you, you may have to consider Updating / Flashing your BIOS. Fix Freezes or Crashes with these resources from The Windows Club: Windows Explorer crashes | Internet Explorer freezing| Edge browser hangs | Google Chrome Browser crashes | Mozilla Firefox Browser freezing | Windows Media Player freezes | Computer hardware freezes.A system may hang, crash or freeze typically due to the following causes: These suggestions are meant to show the direction in which you need to proceed. So open the Control Panel, check up which programs you don’t need and uninstall them. It lists the failures and the problems your machine may have faced. So first, go through the entire list and see which of these may apply in your case. See if a System Restore to a good prior old point helps make the problem go away. Run junk cleaner like CCleaner to clear up PC junk, and then run a full scan with your updated Antivirus software. Disable Aero, if your operating system has it and see if it’s helping. Clean up with a good Registry Cleaner to clean up residual junk registry entries. They are known to cause freezes, especially during startup. Check if your hardware is the cause of these freezes.

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